Our Mission

Our Story.

Woodworkers Academy founder, Nicholas, was a carpenter in San Francisco with a background in teaching children. By a series of fortunate events, Nicholas was introduced to John Tust of Kids' Carpentry, a program that's been teaching children woodworking since 1982. With John's guidance, Nick developed Woodworkers Academy which strives to become a staple in the woodworking and educational community, teaching students of all ages, providing maker spaces, producing online instructional videos, and retailing woodwork products & materials. We are proud to serve the community! 

Who we are.

Woodworkers Academy is a Peninsula based after school enrichment program dedicated to teaching children of all ages the art and joy of woodworking.

What we do.

At Woodworkers Academy, we don't only introduce children to fundamental woodworking and carpentry tools, we guide our students in refining their skills with them in a safe and fun environment where creativity and dedication are encouraged.

Why we do it.

Our instructors all share two common passions: A love for the art of woodworking, and the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of children. Going into life equipped with the skills we teach will create strong advantages for children when navigating common life obstacles, and in many cases spark a life long outlet for their creativity. 

The problem.

Wood-shop was once a common high school subject taught nationwide, but because of declining support due to a lack of funding, almost all wood-shop programs have been discontinued for well over a decade. 

Our solution.

Woodworkers Academy is a response to school wood-shops being discontinued. Rather than giving children in their teens dangerous industry grade equipment, we introduce elementary/middle school aged children to the core fundamentals of woodworking and carpentry with our 100% non-electric hand-tool kits that are as safe and simple as they are fun. We love what we do here at woodworkers academy and we hope that you will help us in preserving this timeless craft.


Our Team  

 Nicholas Hutter, Founder 

Nicholas founded Woodworkers Academy from his Belmont home. His passions for both enriching the lives of his students and the art of woodworking is reflected through his personal woodworking projects and through his class instruction. Apart from woodworking, Nick spends his free time skateboarding, meditating, cooking and spending time with his family and friends. 


 Ryan Bonner, Lead instructor  

Ryan is native to Tennessee and began his journey with Woodworkers Academy in 2020. Ryan has a strong background in carpentry and a visibly natural gift for teaching the youth. Ryan’s love for teaching is visible through his animated enthusiasm, as well as the kindness and compassion with which he carries himself. Apart from carpentry, Ryan is a skateboarder, a competitive billiards player and an exceptionally talented lifelong guitarist.


Joe Skinner, General manager

Joe’s dad introduced him to the fundamentals of carpentry and woodworking at an early age while growing up in San Carlos. He began his work with Woodworkers Academy in 2021 and has been immersed in a world of woodworking and child enrichment ever since. Joe spends his free time Skateboarding with friends, composing and playing music, and pursuing his fitness goals.