Parties and Events

Woodworkers Academy parties are a fun creative outlet for kids of all ages. Parties for ages 4 and under require individual parental assistance, but don’t worry, adults will have a blast too! Kids ages 5 and over are ready to build on their own. We ask that any parent hosting a Woodworkers Academy event have emergency contact information for all attendees. We also ask for our host to remain present for the entire duration of the party.

If you would like to host a Woodworkers Academy party, please visit our Contact Us page, or send an email to



Parties with 8 or less attendees - $400.00

Parties with 9 or more attendees - $50.00 per attendee



Woodworkers Academy serves the entire bay area. Our parties can be hosted at either a private residence or at your local park/picnic area. If you plan on hosting a Woodworkers academy party at a public facility, please ensure that any reservations required for the area are made. If you would like assistance making a park/picnic area reservation, please include those details in your party request.


Book with us:

If you would like to host a Woodworkers Academy party, please visit our Contact Us  page, or send an email to We ask that all party requests be made at least 10 days in advanced. Please include what kind of event you are hosting (e.g. birthday, graduation, team celebration etc...), the desired event location, the number of anticipated attendees, and the desired date and time of your event.


What we offer: 

Woodworkers Academy parties are for children ages 3 to 13 (children 4 and under require individual adult assistance). Our parties can range anywhere from 3-4 hours. Our team will arrive at the planned location about 1 hour prior to the class in order to set up, then we will lead a class that will last around 2 hours, and then clean up for about 1 hour. When beginning the class our instructor will introduce all of our tools, their functions and use in woodworking, and how to use them safely, after which our instructor will guide students through the step by step process of building their pre-decided project of their own choosing. At the end of the party we will pass out prizes to all participants generally including pencils, stickers, and/or measuring tapes. 

We encourage all of our new woodworkers to begin their woodworking journey by building our spin-top project, but there are several other options. Upon receiving your event request, we will email you our list of pre-chosen projects to choose from. Click the Contact us tab to request an event or party today!